Why use us?

Why use us?

Why use Fast RV Financing?

  1. Over 50 years of experience to help our clients!
  2. Our team will guide you every step of the way!
  3. Fast and efficient!!
  4. Access to massive amounts of inventory in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario!!!
  5. Save customers $$$$$ thousands of dollars!!!
  6. Specialize in private sale purchases via kijji Facebook anywhere!
  7. Have major connections with banks and private funds.
  8. Paperwork is done remotely and easy saves (you) our clients time!!
  9. Work every application no matter the situation!!
  10.  We have our drivers and will bring unit to your door!!

Questions First?
Click here to “contact us”
Call or text for help 24hours a day. We are here to help you get what you want. And approved, FAST!
Shawn: 780-222-7834
Jeff: 780-903-3381
Toll Free: 1-833-FAST-RV1


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